Something's Brewing, based out of Leesburg, VA, is quickly becoming one of Northern Virginia's premier cover bands. You will find the group playing many of the local breweries, bars, festivals, and private events in the NOVA region. With a variety of musical influences the band crosses many musical genres and decades and aims to bring a smile to the faces of those they have the honor of playing in front of. 

Mike Hall and Rick Leith started Something's Brewing as a duo playing a combination of acoustic classic rock and folk tunes. Soon thereafter the boys started collaborating with other local artists to extend the musical possibilities. Duo, trio, four piece, or five man band, they do a bit of it all. 

For booking inquires please feel free to send a message. Also join the band on Facebook and Twitter. 

Something's Brewing:
Rick Leith - Lead Vocals
Mike Hall - Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Jeff Ball - Bass 
Bunky Jackson - Drums, Vocals
Kristin Eyerman - Keys, Vocals 
Dave Putt - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Allen Zechini - Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals